About Us

Ginkgo Global is a leading investment management firm focusing on long-term value investing. Ginkgo Global was founded by Mr. Feng Zhang and is currently managing capital for institutional clients globally such as university endowments, private banks, and fund of funds. Ginkgo Global is mainly investing in great companies in such sectors as TMT, consumption, healthcare and etc.

Ginkgo Global is an independent platform comprised of experienced management team, and strong operational departments for researching, trading, risk management and marketing.

Our People

Zhang Feng

Managing Partner

In school days, learned from Dr. Xiaokai Yang, he began to get involved in economics and investment studies. Inspired by George Soros’s “investment to empirical thinking”, he started his investment career and polished his investment skills in Bain Capital and other world top investment institutions.
From the tireless reading of Buffett’s annual reports to the enlightenment that “investment is about independent thinking” taught by Buffett to his face, he was gradually handed on the real value investment philosophy, founded Ginkgo Global Capital and started the value investment practice with the notion “unity of knowledge and action” and day to day independent thinking.
With 20 years’ nonstop diligent reading and 10 years’ Tai Chi practice, Mr. Feng Zhang believes that only insist on one’s own simplicity and dedication can the other shore be reached, and there is no shortcut.
The fundamental investment philosophy for Ginkgo Global is that focusing on value investment could be like ginkgo, passing through time-tested great companies and delivering the wisdom and values of great entrepreneurs.